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NetBox supports database query caching using django-cacheops and Redis. When a query is made, the results are cached in Redis for a short period of time, as defined by the CACHE_TIMEOUT parameter (15 minutes by default). Within that time, all recurrences of that specific query will return the pre-fetched results from the cache.

If a change is made to any of the objects returned by the query within that time, or if the timeout expires, the results are automatically invalidated and the next request for those results will be sent to the database.

Invalidating Cached Data

Although caching is performed automatically and rarely requires administrative intervention, NetBox provides the invalidate management command to force invalidation of cached results. This command can reference a specific object my its type and numeric ID:

$ python netbox/ invalidate dcim.Device.34

Alternatively, it can also delete all cached results for an object type:

$ python netbox/ invalidate dcim.Device

Finally, calling it with the all argument will force invalidation of the entire cache database:

$ python netbox/ invalidate all